Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 11.24.38 AMSo what is it you are after? What is the goal of your Recruitment advertising?  Is it to persuade a tidal wave of applicants to your (insert hyperbolic statement here) role or is it to attract the RIGHT/BEST candidate for your role?

In the last month or so, we started a campaign to find a Sales person for our business and to be honest I was pretty excited about it.  My expectations were high, that the role was so great that we’d be beating applicants back with a stick (I went and got one too), we upgraded our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to ensure that we didn’t have to manually.

We’d done our planning, we’d mapped out what our ideal candidate looked like (not physically….. promise), where they would come from, the type of experience they would have.  The level of the role meant headhunting would be challenging, as we want to really hire someone with the right attitude, aptitude and ability to build into a star, I didn’t want to recycle someone else’s sales person.  We’d built a new training programme, mentoring process, even devised a new hiring process just for this role.  We are excited (OK maybe it was just me, but…. )

We wrote compelling copy, jazzed it up with videos and some other social media stuff.  Hit go… and sat back waiting for the flood gates to open.  And then……. the flood started.  Not really, but a great journey is started by a single step right? So, I was happy when the trickle started, everything has to start somewhere right?  Surprisingly (for me) it didn’t really advance much past a trickle.

That said, what we did receive were profiles, calls, applications from a good half dozen people, who essentially came straight out of our minds eye (there was a fair amount of chaff too mind you).  Just like a bad 80s movie, these applications essentially came straight from our whiteboard, personifying themselves into our process.

That said, initially, through discussions with the team, there was some disappointment at the volumes (or lack there of) of applications. However, on reflection (even at this early stage), the ads have done their job.  They have attracted THE type of people we wanted.  We are only going to hire one (or two) after all.  Making the question, did they (the ads) work or not? I’m voting YES…. you?