Ian Metzke, Group MD and founder, talks about the year in review and what 2013 will bring

Ian Metzke, Group MD and founder, talks about the year in review and what 2013 will bring

It has been a challenging year has 2012, one that I feel most consultancies would prefer to forget than to put on their wall as a hall of fame year.  Yet is has been a great year for learning, planning and building a solid platform for the future.

We’ve had some fun times and made some tough decisions, all of which rightly or wrongly have led us to the point we are now, in a strong position to launch ourselves into 2013 with renewed enthusiasm and vigor.

Some highlights for the year:

We had some great people join us this year, swelling our ranks of professionals including (but not limited to) the addition of David Light our CEO of Northern Regions and Philip Siu, our GM of Sales in NSW.  They have done well in embedding IMA NSW into the fabric of IMA and building a base of solid clients.

Another exciting part of the year was the building of our Development practice, catering for web, cloud, tablet and mobile development. The interest from our clients promises to make 2013 really interesting for the IMA team.

The launch of our new website and, of course, this blog has been exciting, bringing new people to our focus and us to theirs.  Seeing the contributions from our people here has been heartwarming creating a way for our prospective clients and employees to engage with our staff and get an insight into the people that make us such a special company.

I’ve been really proud of the efforts of our Business Development team here in Melbourne, not only have they worked tirelessly in a hard economic climate, they have managed to build new relationships with new clients, deepening relationships with established clients and increasing our reach into new market sectors.

Another highlight for IMA this year was the continued adoption and success of our Social club.  It is difficult in an organization like ours  (where the majority of our people are based on a variety of client sites) to actually bring all our people together in a meaningful and fun way consistently.  The hard work and effort extended by our social club committee astounds me.  Some of the great events of the year, have been blogged about already but, just to mention a few:

Winery Tour
Overnight snow trip
Horse riding
Christmas party
Bare feet bowling
And Paintball (who can pass up an opportunity to shoot the boss?)

We have filled the box labeled “lessons learned” this year, I even won an award for it! See this excellent post by Koen. Some of the lessons were good and some not so good, but essential to the growth and evolution of any company.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support this year, our people (and their partners), our clients and suppliers.  I look forward to working with you again in 2013 and having a great year.

Merry Christmas to all and have a safe and happy break.  I look forward to joining you in welcoming in 2013 which promises to be a very exciting year!