anniversary_01s_ai8-1113vv-vWe have had a sensational start to 2014, yeah I know, we’re almost half way through it now, it being June next week and everything.  But time really has flown.  We’ve engaged some new great clients and hired some amazing people to help meet our ever increasing demand. So yes, it’s been fun.

With all this constant activity, we’ve been a little remiss about our social sharing.  Sorry about that.  I’m on a mission to change that, starting today!

The proof that we’ve been too busy to say too much is that this weekend heralds our 10 year Anniversary dinner.  Normally this would be something that you would get sick of me talking about, but seriously, I look at my diary and see something booked in on Saturday and am thinking, is that on already? (followed by a fist pump and a “cool! a night out without the kids!” and a panic as to whether or not we’ve booked the babysitters or not)

10 years is a pretty impressive thing.  I know Ian will say, “it’s not him it’s the team.”  But as part of that team, I’ll agree and disagree with him.  Essentially Management 101 dictates he has to say that, but he really means it.  He’s right in a lot of ways, without the team he has built around him, both past and present, IMA would not be the same, as it is a reflection of the whole.  Those who have come and gone over the journey have all played a big part in who we are today.  But (I’ve just re-read this and there are lots of “buts” in it, sorry) without Ian’s vision, without his drive, without his passion, without his stubbornness, without his competitive nature to just not lose, IMA just would not have survived, let alone succeeded.

Yes, I will say “we” have succeeded as Ian would want me to write that, however please read as the “Royal we” as I actually mean Ian).  We are a success, we were built out of an idea, a dream, a want to make something.  10 years down the track, we are still going strong.  Sure we’ve hit some speed humps along the way.  We’ve stumbled, probably made a poor decision or 2 in hindsight, but we got up, dusted ourselves off, learned from it and kept moving forward.  We haven’t shirked the hard decisions, but have not made them lightly.  We can reflect on our decisions and actions with clarity and criticality.  We will continue to craft ourselves to make ourselves better, once we stop doing that, then I think it’ll be time to call it stumps.

For those who have been part of the journey, as a client, a supplier or an employer, “Thank you!” and feel free to join me in leaving Ian and IMA a comment here, it would be most appreciated

I am really excited about the well deserved celebration taking place this weekend.  I am super proud of where we’ve come from and the journey we’ve undertaken.  The real excitement however is looking at where we are going, 10 years is a great start, the journey ahead promises to be even more exciting.