Another great night with the Sydney team, expertly organised by Divya and her right-hand man Arbie! For some ‘pre-combat’ courage and fuel we started off at The Hard Rock Cafe which didn’t disappoint. Great atmosphere, location, food . . . and of course, the company was exceptional! Immediately Anu took centre stage and placed himself right at the centre of the food action, devouring the BBQ chicken wings, pulled pork buns and vegetarian delights. There was plenty of food for everyone (even a delicious gift for the homeless man Amu!).img_0345

We were all pumped for laser tag although the majority of the team really had no idea what they were in for. But that didn’t matter – we collectively were ready for anything. The pre-dinner wines, beers and soft drinks helped with that.

So we’re all suited up with flashing vests and plastic laser guns listening to the host explain all the rules . . . and then something just came over Boris. He had his poker face on and started looking all ‘Arnie like’. I was scared but thankfully I was on Boris’ team. Boris was clearly on a mission and off we all scampered in to dark maze of the laser room.fb9fb7bb-d4e1-49a3-aaa4-f057475613d0

Some people take to combat/hide and seek naturally . . . and others, well, unfortunately they just don’t. Poor Alan, bless his 10ft long legs, was a big target. “Duck Alan, Duck”. Arch was lost most of the night but we were able to find her easy enough by following the trail of laughter. Others just wandered aimlessly shooting at their own team members. Maybe they would get it by Game 2 . . .

Then there were the ‘natural born killers’. Power couple Arbie and Lavinia proved that love = I’m going to take you DOWN!! Boris in his Terminator transformation, effortlessly disarmed the unsuspecting from a secret vantage point as they fumbled around the dark maze. Darrell was on a mission. What that mission was, I don’t even think Darrell knew. Mahesh was also a bit of a dark horse. All ‘cool as a cucumber’ like. Go the MULA. Mahesh – Ultimate Laser Assassin

So 5 kilos lighter, we exited the maze and had a good old laugh at the score board. Some of us improved in Game 2 by perfecting our strategy, but others were doomed to the bottom of the table. Good practice for next time though Sydney teamers and we all had a blast!

Hasta la vista!