Balmy sea breezes, iconic Sydney Harbour backdrop, free flowing Christmas ‘bubbles’ and a cracking dance mix plucked straight from the 80’s and 90’s – that’s how we do it in Sydney!

And what a night it was . . .

As the Christmas canapés were passed around, we reflected on the year that was, made some new friends, relaxed into the Christmas spirit and admired the history of The Rocks precinct. Arch as always, did an expert job with the food and wine and even found herself running a little education session with the DJ on rules of vegetarian. Sorry darl – lamb is not a vegetable!

A few hours in as the sun was settling in the west and the Opera House began to glow, it was time to really get the party started. Before Shelley could say “Get your sparkle on!” Dan took centre stage as lead vocalist for a Love Shack opener and stayed there for most of the night really. Who would have thought . . . Dan + wine + music + party lights = bring it on! It wasn’t all about Dan letting lose though. We had plenty of quality vocal support from his backup team in Sim, Shelley, Alan and Darryl.

As the night wore on, others were slowly drawn to the dance floor like a chrissie beetle to a porch light in summer – either by nervous curiosity or natural instinct. It was anything goes that night though . . . we had some jumping, stomping, butt wiggling, shimmying, jazz hands, air guitar, moshing and some unique ‘undiscovered’ styles. Alok and Narayan (our twinkle toes twosome) totally owned that dance floor and showed us all that when you have rhythm – you have it all over!

By the end of the night, most of the dancing crew were either legless or shoeless. Except for Arch and Bron of course who soldiered through the pain of 3” heels so they could still engage in conversation with the tall people. When it was time to call it a night, Rob eventually surfaced from his secret nook close to the bar and we thought we’d lost Ian for a bit but eventually found him snuggled up on the corner lounge trying to sneak a quiet nigh nigh. It had been a long day.

No doubt, Sunday served up some very foggy heads and tender feet. A little birdie told me Ian and Darryl spent the next couple of days reflecting on what they could actually remember of the night and they’ve both made a pact not to “come in hot!” to a Sydney Christmas party ever again!

Until next year team Sydney. Looking forward to dusting off those dancing shoes again in 2017!