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IMA is a consulting organisation which means our success is built on our consultants delivering value through working with our clients, at their premises, providing solutions to business problems.

Consulting often involves working in challenging, high risk and politically charged project environments.  Coming in as an outsider and being expected to be the voice of sense, reason and expertise right out of the blocks can be a challenge and, being a consultant, there are high expectations in the quality of your work, and your ability to connect and influence people at all levels of an organisation.  The benefit is though, due to the higher expectations of your ability and quality output, your ideas and proposals are generally more readily accepted.

In a significant departure from industry practise, IMA Consultants are not burdened with the task of ‘selling’, or finding their own work because we have a dedicated team back at base focussing on that.  As an IMA Consultant all you have to do is concentrate on delighting Clients by doing an amazing job and delivering outstanding value.

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In the world of Consulting it is misleading to announce a set career path for an individual.  We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to careers, goals and ambitions so we try to tailor a path for each or our amazing people.  It’s your career after all, you talk to us about the goal, we’ll help you plot the path.  The majority of our Management team have been Consultants, so they understand and are empathetic to the needs, wants and aspirations of our people, and work diligently to help them be achieved.  You would have seen our 100% money back guarantee?  What does this mean for a Consultant?  It means we won’t put you in a position to fail.  Stretch you, yes, but fail?  No.

To support your career journey you’ll have access to our continuously evolving document repository which makes multiple project resources and tool kits available to all consultants.  We’ve also cultivated an extremely talented and engaged professional network that all our Consultants can call on.


Working away from the Head Office and moving between Client sites doesn’t give you the opportunity to work with your colleagues at IMA unless you are at the same Client site, and this can leave you feeling disconnected from your colleagues.  Some things we do to foster our community spirit include monthly team lunches (lunch is on us!) and monthly meetings so everyone can get to know each other, share experiences and ideas and generally get to know what’s going on with each other, the company and in industry.  There’s a really strong social network on Yammer that our Consultants use and enjoy for business and pleasure, and frequent staff social events, including family-friendly, where we can get to know each other better.  You’ll also enjoy frequent catch ups (read coffee) with the Head Office team to keep a finger on your pulse, and keep you abreast of what’s happening throughout the company.

We take ourselves seriously.  Seriously?

Nothing’s as serious as delighting our clients, and we take pride in our professional deportment.

But that doesn’t mean we’re dour and cheerless.  There’s nothing we enjoy more than taking delight in each other’s company, especially if there’s a Dad Joke* involved.  Here’s a bit of an insight…

*Disclaimer: IMA does not take responsibility for the cringeworthiness, ‘funnyness’ or mental anguish per Dad joke.

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Professional development

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Ascend is an exciting and growing area of IMA. It’s a great way of promoting growth and accreditation of our people in areas of their interest, facilitating a greater bond between Consultants and often a way of learning more than just the materials delivered. The training keeps IMA’s Consultants at the forefront of industry and enables us to provide best practice, value and insight to every Client engagement.

Women in IT

One of the greatest issues facing the IT industry today is the declining number of women entering and remaining in the industry. The development and retention of high performance female staff is critical to the longer-term diversity of the IT industry.

At IMA we fully support the career aspirations of the women in our team.  The IT industry is traditionally male-dominated but, at IMA, women comprise up to 30% of our team, and 100% of our Management team (according to VIC ICT for Women, women only make up 16% of ICT roles in Australia).  We have a strong focus on enhancing our workforce to better represent society as a whole, and striving to ensure that women within IMA are well represented in all technical, leadership and professional roles.

Our General Manager, NSW, Kerry Harkness says ”IMA has a high percentage of professional women in consulting and management who constantly impress. Like all of the women in IMA, I have been given opportunities to challenge myself, develop and grow, both personally and professionally and have seen first hand the respect and support provided by IMA management to all staff regardless of gender.”

Archana Patel, Chief Executive Officer, adds that her experience with IMA “has been refreshing”.  She further says “When I was offered the position of Chief Executive Officer I thought it was a great opportunity for me to work with our fantastic teams of Consultants and Management to ensure ‘best fit’ and deliver exceptional client value.  As a woman in the world of IT – I’m relishing the challenge and am loving the responsibility to offer opportunities to others”.

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