Arbie Magno

Arbie Magno

Arbie is a solutions-driven Project Management Professional (PMP) with over five years of experience in delivering critical and complex IT projects for a Fortune 100 companies on time, within budget, and with high quality. Beginning his career as a programmer, Arbie’s career has seen him ascend into a highly valued and respected Business Analyst and Project Manager.

Arbie is a customer service specialist with strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to manage different types of stakeholders. He brings a unique blend of IT-Retail Service Delivery experience, and loves to be instrumental in developing IT solutions with the goal of creating superb customer experience as priority for business growth.

Arbie possesses a thirst for knowledge, you’ll often find him nose deep reading. It may be books, articles, trivia, blogs… Anything that tests his mind and teaches him how to continuously evolve.

For some fresh air, Arbie is a basketball fan,  be it playing, or watching the NBA and his beloved San Antonio Spurs.  When the courts are slow and ESPN isn’t meeting his expectations, Arbie will be found either exploring bush trails around the place or building up his own garden.

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