Mahesh Markus

Mahesh Markus

Mahesh is an IT veteran with almost 20 years of industry experience under his belt. Having evolved from the ground up within diverse backgrounds, he uses this multi-faceted experience to develop and implement a broad range of business and technology strategies for our clients.

He is particularly skilled in managing multiple relationships with both technical and non-technical stakeholders, seamlessly traversing the technical to business translation. Depending on client needs, Mahesh enthusiastically shifts between Business Analysis and Project Management roles, and he is comfortable and proficient in both traditional and agile methodologies.

Mahesh has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Usyd) and an executive MBA (AGSM). He is also a certified Scrum Master.

Always to be found with a disarming smile and a mind constantly ticking over, Mahesh is the kind of person you love to have around. He is an avid music enthusiast who knows and loves all the music you’ve never heard of, a gadget fan with a special fondness for Raspberry Pi computers, and a sports tragic who can persuasively argue why soccer should be called soccer and plays lower grade park cricket. There are rumours that he is a good cook – we can’t confirm, as he hasn’t invited us for a home cooked meal! (Yet?!)

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