Rajagopalan Vaidyanathan

Rajagopalan Vaidyanathan

It seems to us that Raj has always been with IMA, well he was recently awarded a 5 year service award.  Raj is just exceptional.  His understated manner and quiet spoken demeanour will quickly disarm people and make them breathe “wow” when they hear what he has to say.  Raj has a long history in the IT world and is someone that clients just don’t want to leave their site.

He has been sitting on site with Deakin since joining IMA, OK there was a little bit of time initially on the bench.

They say it is the quiet ones you need to worry about, Raj epitomises this, his quick with and mischevious grin definitely get him places and the fact that he can just nod at the waiter at the local lunch restaurant and he’ll get what he wants ASAP!

When Raj isn’t wowing clients you’ll find him being the handyman around the house or taking on his other role as cricket tragic, which is probably why he's rarely stumped.

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