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Business Meeting



On May 2015, Universities Australia signed the Groningen Declaration. Higher Education Service Pty Ltd (HES) were appointed to manage and support the Digital Student Data (DSD) project. All Australian universities were invited to express their interest in participating in the DSD project.

Deakin University provided an ‘in principle’ agreement with strategic partners HES and Digitary, to implement an integrated solution as part of a collaboration initiative. The initiative is to share a digital platform for production, management and verification of Testamurs, transcripts and AHEGS issued by 46 Australian institutions and other participating institutions worldwide.

This DSD project will use an existing online portal provided by Digitary to issue and exchange secure digital academic records. This will improve academic integrity and reduce fraud and forgery. The DSD project provides an opportunity to replace the current Oracle reporting module responsible for generating key academic documents such as Testamur and Transcript. This module is getting overly complicated, difficult to maintain and risky to amend or update.


The Business Case was developed, outlining the following:

  • Financial Summary.

  • Summary of Key project drivers outlining the expected benefits and current problems.

  • Proposed solution to address the current problems.

  • Proposed implementation approach (utilising digital partners/vendors).

  • Scope of delivery.

  • Cost benefit analysis.

  • Project cashflow and financial viability.

  • Risks, issues, assumptions and dependencies.

  • High-level implementation plan.

  • Project governance model.

  • Options considered detailing the reasons for preferred or recommended option.


Business Case was approved for the project to move into the Project Initiation Phase.

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