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Chemical Plant


What Our Clients Say

Deakin University

"One of the most professional, friendly and customer focused businesses that I have dealt with. Through your internal recruitment practices and by taking the time to understand our business we have eliminated the hit and miss approach we used to experience in trying to find contract staff for those hard to fill roles. 


IMA have set the standard for customer service and delivering results in a very efficient manner.


Our job is made easier because we deal with IMA."

NSW Department of Planning, Industries and Environment

“…..quiet achievement with focus on values of Trust, Openness, Transparency, Teamwork and Empathy……”

Victoria University International

" Despite a highly complex specification involving multiple queues and agent locations both onshore and offshore, the project was delivered on time and on budget." I would highly recommend the IMA Project Manager for his professionalism, engagement and process driven approach to project management."

NSW - Office of Local Government

".... most valued for her intelligence, ingenuity and integrity", quickly adapted to changes in legislation and thereby, requirements, rapidly processing strategic change into operational reality, Deftly and adroitly integrated the business requirements, needs and desires into functional specifications for the development team and participated in the review in an agile environment."

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