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To analyse detailed requirements for an in house developed Annual Course Monitoring System (ACM) allowing Course Coordinators to record course improvement activities and then submit results to the La Trobe University Heads of Schools for feedback and final approval.

Once analysed, a detailed requirements document and functional specification was to be produced that the developers could use to build a minimal viable first iteration of the system.

To align business stakeholders and developers in a timely manner so that the specification could be completed in a couple of weeks and the system build could commence immediately.


IMA Management & Technology (IMA-MT) provided a Senior Business Analyst with the responsibility to:​

  • Gather detailed requirements from the stakeholders and produce a viable detailed business requirement and functional specification to meet a first iteration system build.

  • Provide a balanced solution that met stakeholder’s requirements while being mindful of the tight development resourcing and timeframes.

  • Align the business stakeholders with the developers, ensuring open communication channels and project objectives were collectively owned to reach the business goal.

  • Co-ordinate and run joint application design sessions with stakeholders, developers and other La Trobe personnel to fast track the solution.

  • Document requirements for the future, second iteration build in the course of the project where practical.

  • Familiarisation of business high level requirements.

  • Met with business stakeholders to understand their needs.

  • Met with IT management and developers to understand the development resourcing and timeframes.

  • After understanding business needs, timings and business capability, organised meetings to allow the business to co-operatively decide what level of functionality was required for the solution.

  • Once the level of the solution was decided (first iteration minimal viable product), met with the stakeholders to produce preliminary detailed requirements and draft functional specifications so that the technical team could be actively involved in the process in an agile manner (as authorised by the business).

  • Organised and ran Joint Application Design sessions with both the business stakeholders and the technical team to discuss requirements and progress with the detailed requirement and functional specification. This worked exceptionally well, with all people involved actively participating and accepting the negotiations required to collectively reach a solution in a timely manner.

  • Produced a detailed requirement/functional specification.


  • A detailed requirement/functional specification.

  • La Trobe was able to move ahead with the in-house development of the first iteration of the ACM system in a timely manner.

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